Michael Kors Access Grayson Gold Tone Men's Smartwatch

Stay stylishly connected around the clock with this Access Grayson gold tone men's smartwatch. Combining innovative technology with a refined aesthetic, this watch is powered by Android Wear and is compatible with iOS and Android, specifically with Android OS 4.3 or higher and iOS 9 and above.Fastened with a gold tone stainless steel bracelet, this smartwatch features a 47mm gold tone stainless steel case with a brushed bezel. The round face displays the digital dial with AMOLED display with Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. Customise the dial to suit your outfits and style and view social media updates, text and email alerts and app notifications. Set goals with built-in fitness tracking and use voice-activated Google and Smart Help from Google for everything you need.Designed for the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern man, this Michael Kors Access smartwatch makes technology ultra-stylish. This smartwatch is Bluetooth® smart-enabled with an improved data transfer of 4.1 Low Energy.  To avoid damage to your watch, only use with included charger. Do not use a USB hub, USB splitter, USB y-cable, battery pack or other peripheral device to charge. MKT5026

£ 269.00

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