Eterna Super Kontiki 1973 Mens Watch

Dating back to the middle of the 19th century, the Eterna brand is steeped in a rich heritage, which translates into the exquisite designs they offer today.With its robust construction and rugged aesthetic, the Eterna Super Kontiki 1973 Men’s Watch is the ideal timepiece for the urban adventurer. Perfect for those who enjoy exploration and adventure, this watch is more than capable of keeping up with your active lifestyle, offering optimum performance in even the most extreme conditions. Featuring an extendable bracelet for use with a wetsuit, a bold, easy-to-read black dial, and a handy date function, there is no challenge that this timekeeper cannot meet. With its rich history, and with only 1973 of these exquisite watches being made, it will allow you to sport a piece of history on your wrist, in more ways than one.

£ 1 790.00

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